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MISS USA 2010 CONTESTANT - Ashley Bradarich's Photo & Profile

Ashley Bradarich
Illinois USA

Homer Glen

Ashley Bradarich


Homer Glen, Illinois

Previous experience
2nd runner-up 2009


From the Miss Illinois USA website:
Ashley Bradarich, 23, is the oldest of five children born to Jay and Kim Bradarich. She is very proud of her family and states that every member has contributed to her success. Ashley’s mother and father are her ultimate role models, and although her siblings are all younger, they have each been an inspiration by their own accord, and have helped to shape her life in a positive way.

Ashley grew up in Homer Glen, Illinois, graduating from Lockport Township High School in 2004. Following four great years as a Lockport Porter, she went on to attend the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and a minor in Business Administration. During this time, she lived for a semester in Rome, Italy, where she spent months learning about art and culture and traveling throughout Europe.

Since graduation, she has developed her own freelance web and graphic design business where she creates websites and graphic pieces for small businesses and individuals. She has also obtained a position as the youngest Art Director at Robinson & Maites, a top advertising agency located in downtown Chicago. In addition to this, she continues to enter art, photography, and music competitions, and has also been invited to speak to art and design students about designing in the “real world.” She says that speaking to others about her passions helps to inspire new and unique ideas.

In her spare time Ashley enjoys playing the piano and the harp. She loves trying new things – especially traveling – and is always on the lookout for a new adventure. Ashley works hard at the gym, and believes that exercise and proper nutrition are the best ways to keep the mind and body sharp and in tune. She can often be found training for a competition such as a 5K or half marathon, and hopes one day to complete a triathlon.

Currently, Ashley is working to develop her skills as a web designer and developer. She hopes to someday utilize her design skills in other areas of the media such as movies or television. She is an artist and photographer as well as a professional model, spokesperson, actress, and musician. She enjoys volunteering her time to services such as Creative Pitch in Chicago, where she works to give school and art supplies to children who do not have access to them. She believes that incorporating the arts into schools can help children to develop their passions and set goals for themselves. Ashley believes that any positive change one can make to a child’s life is an improvement for all of our futures.

In 2009, Ashley used her photography and design skills to develop an ad campaign for the Annie E. Casey Foundation in which she helped the school of Art and Design at the University of Illinois raise over $10,000 for future art programs. She has worked with organizations such as “Text 4 Baby,” “Save Abandoned Babies,” and “i Give 10,” and has aided in bringing added exposure and donations toward their individual causes.

She also volunteers her time raising money for sheltered animals and orphaned children in Lockport, Tinley Park and Homer Glen. Ashley defines success as, “the art of being who you already are.” She hopes that with the title of Miss Illinois USA, she will inspire others (especially young women) to discover what makes them unique and be proud to express it. She feels that it is important to believe in one’s self and have confidence in who you are. She hopes to relay this message in a positive way to young girls who may not feel comfortable or confident with themselves.

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