Sunday, May 30, 2010

Photos of Miss Universe New Zealand 2010 contestants arrive in Wellington

Miss Universe New Zealand 2010 contestants arrive in Wellington

These are a few quick cellphone snapshots from the fun today at Miss Universe New Zealand 2010, made during the shooting of the official photographs at the Museum Hotel. Jin Cowan photographed the official images, and the contestants were posing for them in these shots.

Contestants began arriving Saturday, with the bulk of them having to be present by 3 p.m. today (Sunday) for their fittings with Goodness, newly opened in College Street, Wellington. The above images were taken just after 6 p.m., before the official dinner at the Museum Hotel’s Hippopotamus restaurant and bar. Over dinner, I gave them a pep talk on what we judges expect, and the sacrifices the winner would be expected to make.

As with previous years, the photographs on the site and on our judging forms are not indicative of the contestants at all. I predict a very tough judging session this week.

Three former contestants have returned: Zeisha Frémaux, whom I met at the 2007 pageant; and Rosie de Malmanche and Kirsty Pritchard from 2009. They will have strong rivalry from their 10 rivals from around the country.

The events begin in earnest in Wellington on Monday morning.I’ll live-Tweet with the hashtag #missnz, and most Tweets will feature at Lucire’s Twitter account, Lucire.


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