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Miss Universe 2010 Final Evening Gowns: Nick Verreos and his "Pageant Red Carpet Wrap"!

Last night was the Miss Universe 2010 Live Telecast Show. And boy, was it a DOOZY! I've been blogging about the National Costumes, as well as the Preliminary Evening Gowns (just because I am a Pageant QUEEN---and a designer)--and since I have designed a gown for the gorgeous outgoing Miss Universe 2009, Stefania Fernandez, in the past--I had to watch! I won't even get into how awkward and teleprompter-deficient Bret Michaels was (You're FIRED!) and how GREAT NBC Today Show host Natalie Morales was (loved her pronunciations!). You can read that stuff HERE. But this posting--and this blog--is ALL ABOUT FASHION, and specifically, what I thought of those evening gowns.

Miss Universe 2010: Jimena Navarrete

First of all: Felicitaciones to Miss Nuestra Belleza Mexico, Jimena Navarrete, who won the Miss Universe 2010 title last night. She was one of the prettiest women of the night.

The Top 5: (Left to Right) Miss Philippines, Miss Ukraine, Miss Jamaica, Miss Australia and Miss Mexico

But it wasn't until the beautiful--but not so bright--Miss Philippines Venus Raj, messed up on her Final Question (Question: What Mistakes Have You Made? Answer: Nothing!" How about the answer to THIS question!), that we knew Jimena was "in contention".

Now, here is my "Nick Verreos' The Good and The Bad" for the Final 10 Contestants in the Miss Universe 2010 Evening Gown Competition:
Lucky in Red: Miss Mexico, Jimena Navarrete

Miss Mexico's (and now, Miss Universe 2010) fire red gown was GORGEOUS. Just perfect. One shoulder: Check. Flowy and Grecian-Goddess: Check. Not cheap-looking and overtly tacky: Check. No Slit to show her you-know-what: Well, close but she still looked great. Last year, Stefania Fernandez Miss Venezuela, won in a red gown and well, now so did Jimena. I guess next year EVERY contestant will be wearing a RED GOWN (hopefully not!).

Lady Sings the Blues: Miss Jamaica, Yendi Phillips

One of my not-so-favorite gowns was the polyester mess Miss Jamaica wore last night. Here's the Good News: I liked the shoulder-covering cap sleeves. The Bad News: I disliked EVERYTHING else. It looked like a $299 dress from "Aunt Martha's Boutique in Kingston" (if there is such a thing). The bust seaming rippled with bad construction and that inset embroidered lace SCREAMED Toddlers & Tiaras. Poor thang. The positive is that the minute Miss Jamaica took to the stage in the Opening Number, I knew she was a contender and she almost became Miss Universe. Was it the dress that did her in?!

Silver Fox: Miss Philippines, Maria Venus Raj

Miss Philippines' silver lame gown was one of the best of the night. I loved the over-sized bow and how flowy and dramatic the entire look was. She carried it really well too (good training Venus!). The color and the small amount of sequins were ideal to make a dramatic statement on stage. If only she could answer questions...

Happy Just To Be Here: Miss Australia, Jesinta Campbell

Miss Australia was a surfer girl who could not be less comfortable in this gown if you put this on a Straight Mechanic! She still somehow worked it out. You just KNOW she'd rather be in flip flops and a bikini. But this was still a good choice: V-neck re-embroidered with a nice delicate color and heck, it hit the floor and was the right length. She got "Nick Verreos Points" for that!

Sophisticated Lady: Miss Ukraine, Anna Poslavskaya

Miss Ukraine's gown was one of the best--for me--when she debuted it during the Preliminaries. It is a very classic gown featuring vanilla/creme caviar beading, an off-the-shoulder neckline and a nice dramatic sweep. She just looked a bit...well...old. Like she already had herself a multi-millionaire Russian arms-dealer husband and all she wanted to do is shop at Louis Vuitton...for an entire YEAR!

See-Through Sister: Miss Albania, Angela Martini

Miss Albania was Sex-On-a-Gown! See-through, sexy and HOT! To wear this type of gown, it's good to balance it with elegant slick hair (she did) and modern metallic pumps (she did) so I'm all for it. This is the Miss Universe Pageant after all! Would I recommend this for the Red Carpet? Never. But having your "Diva Moment" at the MU Pageant is definitely the time for this gown.

Purple Haze: Miss South Africa, Nicole Flint

Oh Miss South Africa. It looks like she went shopping at the same boutique Miss Jamaica went to. Cheap, iridescent, polyester (trust me, I know!) and way too much asymmetry going on. It's a distracting gown. I liked the color though (and she was SO beautiful!).

Golden Goddess: Miss Ireland, Rozanna Purcell

Miss Favorite To Win The Crown, Miss Ireland, went onto the Miss Universe 2010 "Runway" and OWNED IT! Like I always say: "No Should've Would've, Could've!". You only get ONE chance to be in the Miss Universe Pageant..and some of these girls sleep through it. But Miss Ireland did not! I liked her gown: It showed her fabulous curves, and gave her some elegance. I was not a fan of the up-do, or that necklace, but oh well...she still looked fabulous! I honestly think if she were styled in a more modern way she could have possibly won the entire pageant.

Sexy Senorita: Miss Guatemala, Jessica Schell

Miss Guatemala Jessica Schell: Because she was such a "dark horse", she was actually one of my favorites. I liked this gown; the high-neck, the fitted silhouette, the delicate all-over beading. It looked expensive. The fit was a tad bit too tight and her SISTERS were OUT! (and she had a difficult time walking) but other that: Good Job on your Evening Gown Miss Guatemala!

Pretty in Pink: Miss Puerto Rico, Mariana Paola Vicente

I gasped when I saw Miss Puerto Rico's light lilac/pink gown: I LOVED IT! I'm sure that many "pageant fans" might not have liked this, but I did. She gave you DRAMA and it looked very Haute Couture and the fit was just right. It was refreshing to not see ANOTHER cheap polyester rippled-seam re-embroidered lace-and-satin dress. Gracias Mariana: Viva Puerto Rico!

Winner of Miss Photogenic and Best National Costume:
Miss Thailand, Fonthip Watcharatrakul

Finally, an "Honorary Evening Gown" mention to Miss Thailand. I was a fan of this gown when I saw it for the Preliminaries and on stage last night, it looked even more stunning. It was very Versace Atelier and looked well-made, fit her exquisitely, and the styling was on-point. Congrats to her for winning the Best Costume (it was one of my faves!) and Miss Photogenic. How do you say "Go Girl" in Thai?

Miss Mexico attends the After Party

So far so good Miss Universe 2010...loving the silver 'After Party" gown...

Click Below for some fun Miss Universe 2010 Videos:

The Top 10 Evening Gown Competition (Gowns start at 8:44):

Top 5:

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